Monday, August 10, 2009


Kaden is a lively TWO year old who is actually the son of a friend that I've known for 15 years? Woah, its been a long time since the 8th grade! This little guy is full of personality (if you can't tell by the first picture) and the three of them were great to shoot! We started at their house and finished at the IMA. I'm thankful that my friends trust me enough to shoot their children and I'm glad that I get too, as they are fun and adorable children (this makes my job easy)!

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csims said...

Nicholas, Lori and Kaden!!! Kaden is adorable. I can't believe he is two already. When I came on to see the pics of my wedding, what a surprise to see you guys. Great pics!

Clara Dorulla/Sims